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Bluefire is having a rest during 2004 while Paul Bluefire takes some to time
to develop his London picture website:

Record labels: - the best label for up and coming new cutting edge stuff - great punk label - run by Fruitbat of Carter USm/Abdoujaparov - punk/garage label with tons of releases - coool Welsh label - some cool mod/60's stuff on here

Presenting a 19 track best of the underground cd compilation for 2002. Out

the world according to andy (quirk)

The definitive guide to alternative Music' - MP3's, reviews, interviews,
radio shows and more: - massive worldwide zine which includes stuff by Mira Manga of the Role Models (and ex Disco Pistol) - one of the oldest and most respected zines in the land - better than the NME!!!!!!!!!!
The Original Sin - Belgium zine covering hundreds of small bands from UK and Europe - Home and Away Fanzine! - Manics zine and oh so much more - the paper copy is probably the biggest,best and regular paper fanzine out there these days and its Bluefire's fav
Chinchilla Music announce the launch of their new site :
Featuring video and audio clips of some of the best alternative acts around,
including gigs, interviews, exclusives and moreS
Vote for your favourite clips : When new clips are added to the site, the
current clip with the lowest votes is replaced.
Review clips : Post your own reviews of clips, with the artists' favourite
winning a prize when the clip leaves the site.
Plus guestbook, chatroom, radio show and gig and event tie-ins to come
Bringing live music to your desktop.
Currently featuring : Ciccone, Kaito, Last gig at the Point and Lethal
PeachS  - oxford based zine which features reviews, artist sections (including Sonic Youth, Chicks On Speed, Grandaddy, Mclusky, Six by Seven, and many more), news, etc. - The Exclusive is a paper based "alternative" music fanzine from the fanzine capital of the world, that being Stoke-on-Trent in the UK of course. that started in 1997

Artwork: - for all your artwork needs (Rob did the artwork for Snakebite City Ten + Eleven)

Also: - loads of new releases from various indie labels inc Bluefire stuff by credit card - Dutch indie radio - alternative gig/club in Chelmsford run by longtime Snakebite City fans - Aldershot Town FC unofficial site - 2nd hand records run by Sid ex of INTER