Here's a brief look and links to some of the bands who have tracks on Snakebite City Ten:

Ex-Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine visionary Jim Bob resurfaces with a virtual concept duo...with himself.
The track on SC10 - Leon Knight's Record Shack is an

Take a peek inside.
THE Members sang of "The Sound Of The Suburbs" and the Clash romanticised "The Last Gang In Town", but 20 years later a band have finally emerged who are picking up those gauntlets. Contempo are a classic gang band in the tradition of the Clash, a suburban pop group like the Members. Where many current pop groups are a product of stage school, marketing visions or management companies, Contempo are a product of the classic route of schooldays mates forming a band, dreaming and scheming their way to the top on a rollercoaster ride of increasingly great pop-soul music and unstoppable self-belief.

If a movie was made for the millineum pop kids roving around after dark this band would make the ideal soundtrack. Girl/Boy vocals, loud twin guitars and keyboards. Highlights inc the epic "Lost in SE1" (the track on Snakebite City Ten), the inyerface punk of "Oi! Oi! Oi!" and the Euro anthem to be "La La Disco" complete with French vocals. More spikey and glamorous than yer average indie band.........

Brothers Ville and Mat Leppanen were born in Finland to a globe trotting family who never stayed in one location for more than three years. The boys went to American schools and trained as classical pianists, but confess to being metalheads, always more interested in guitars and street hockey.

Their granddad warned them not to get into music, on account of it being "a shit job", but his advice went unheeded. Ville and Mat bought one way tickets to London in order to be in a band.

 The brothers placed an ad in Melody Maker for a drummer.The succesful applicant, Tano Di Jaco, had left his home in Sicily in a hurry: he jumped out of his bedroom window and got on the first flight to London in a wild escape from the police who had come to get him to do his military service.

Snowdogs' debut single, the self-financed "Here's Me...", was, for the most part, recorded in the brothers' flat on a 16-track machine borrowed from a friend. On the strength of the single, the band hustled to book a tour of the UK. The three set off in Tano's Ford Escort along with a drum kit, a guitar amp, a few guitars and three sleeping bags. Any money that was made went into petrol and the band slept on floors and ate what was offered.

Their explosive shows attracted the attention of the legendary label Track Records, once home to Jimi Hendrix and The Who. Track was being re-launched as a new independent UK label. Track released "Here's Me..." and the reactions were very promising.
Snowdogs signed to fledgling Track not because they could say they were now Hendrix's label mates, but, crucially, because the label promised to give them free hands to record and produce their music.
The album, titled "Snowdogs", took only 22 days to complete. The first single, "Are You With Missy?", was BBC Radio 1 Rock Show Single Of The Week a month ahead of its release.

In addition to the UK, their adopted home territory, Snowdogs have played in the US, Japan, France and Finland, appearing on festival bills and TV shows and supporting bands like Blink 182 and The Living End.

The Lovehandles are an excellent all girl garage punk band from Belgium - our first Belgium band on Snakebite City!

"we are kicking the ball more than ever, we do our own sweet thing and with one big idea in our minds : you are not as fat ass you imagine, we kick ass. We don't care about what others think or say. F**k off ! We have fun all along and that's what it is all about."

Fruitbat (ex Carter USM) says;
"The band Abdoujaparov is named after a professional cyclist from Uzbekistan, who was famous for being extremely competitive in sprinting. In fact he was so determined that he would often knock other riders off their bikes with his unusual and erratic riding style. My favourite incident was when he run over a policeman who was trying to take photos at the Tour De France. He was banned from cycling two years ago for drugs offences"

I've been thrown out of every country
Shipped back and forth across borderlines
None want to give me entry
So I'll make my own place to lie
Gonna rip up my passport
No more nationality
There's only one way to liberty
And its livin next to duty free...

JesseJames has always been a family. Daddy had been in the music business for as long as anyone could remember (actually that depends, can you remember SpeedUrchin?- I can’t) and when he met Mummy, under suspicious circumstances, it wasn’t long before their mutual love of music became apparent and the spark of love was ignited. They moved into modest accommodation together, but soon found the store-room of a bagel shop to be too cramped for their tastes. Before they could move out, they were evicted for nibbling at the stock but quickly found a new home at a kangaroo sanctuary called Rooz. When their combined income allowed (Daddy shooting hard-core for a gruelling 22 hours a day and Mummy selling her bottled farts) they decided to have a child. Despite being of different species, Mummy and Daddy went on to have many healthy children, all of which managed not inherit any of their mother’s Cardassian features. Ben, their first, was a hyperactive little shit and, between sessions with the electrified cattle prod, liked to hit things to let out his personal demons.
When Ben was old enough to play on licensed premises, the close knit family formed a three piece band, originally just called ‘James’, singing Grace Jones covers in an electropop style. When the other band ‘James’ forced them (at spoon point) to change their name, they decided it was time to take a different musical direction. Mummy and Daddy conceived and raised another child and fed him on steroids to speed his growth as rock n roll was about to die and time was running out. To avoid confusion, they called their 2nd son Ben as well. He decided to play the trombone (after brief stints on the kazoo and alpenhorn) and took the newly named ‘Jimmy’ to a whole new, though far from original musical level.
The band’s style developed quickly due to the adoption and recruitment of the infamous saxophonist Gay Pete, whose parents had been sectioned for being too hairy. By the time Gay Pete had discovered girls, it was too late to change his birth certificate and he found that it only improved his reputation. Apart from Campbell, the band’s resident T-shirt vendor and occasional washboard soloist, Nez was the last to join the newly named ‘Jesse James’ line up on trumpet. Despite being American, he’s actually a really sound guy. Give him a chance. Oh, and if you ask him nicely he’ll do a really cool trick with a cigarette. Don’t go there! I know what you’re thinking!
JesseJames, with the help of manager Eugene Butcher, an Australian emu farmer, toured the south of England with legendary success (don’t believe the hype- it’s a legend). Check them out before they check you out- you won’t be able to sit down for weeks.

Formed in Norwich,   have steadily been gaining a huge fanbase from their  exhilarating live shows. This early promise was committed to vinyl in the form of 7” singles on the Vibrations from the Edge of Sanity label. Record Collector magazine has been one of many champions of the band, describing their debut single as ‘a stunning a-side (which had us pogoing in the office) and a loopy b-side worthy of a strange worship’ whilst going on to proclaim them as ‘future gods’. They were then listed as one of the ‘class of 99’ bands to watch, alongside such luminaries as Clinic,, Astral and Badly drawn boy. The singles also received national airplay from both Steve Lamacq and John Peel as well as featuring regularly on XFM.
Over the past year KaitO have been writing and recording their debut album ‘you’ve seen us, you must have seen us’. 13 tracks, including re-recordings of earlier singles, have been recorded at the sick room, co-produced by the band and Owen turner from Norfolk lo-fi legends Magoo. For anyone lucky enough to have caught KaitO live, the album will not disappoint.

A demo version of the album found its way into the hands of Devil in the Woods records from California who, after witnessing a typically ballistic live show, decided the album needed to see a stateside release. The album, now complete, will hopefully see the light of day on both sides of the Atlantic in July 2001 and in Japan in August.

Devil in the Woods will be releasing future pop classic Catnap on a split e.p with Idlewild, to be found with the june issue of their magazine. Fierce Panda have released ‘Thwip-side’ on a split e.p entitled ‘Cheffing and Blinding’ alongside tracks by Six by Seven, Brazil, Purple munkie, stumble and Jameson. To follow this Fierce Panda are releasing a four track C.D single -Catnap, Trailous and live acoustic versions of Manual Speed and Whats good scheduled for 18th June.

There will also be a re-release of ‘Go’, their single with the Derby Cato that received a limited release by the Sickroom Gramophone collective in June. The release came about after a successful joint tour the two bands undertook, culminating in a triumphant and sold out Norwich date with Seafood. As an extra incentive, the re-release will be on groovy clear vinyl!

KaitO have entered the new millennium on a timely note, as their web page has just been set up. It can be found on and features more information on the band than you thought it would be possible for anyone to be interested in, including a page devoted top the bands 12 cats.

KaitO currently have four members; Nikki on vocals and guitar, Dave on guitar, Gemma on bass and Dieta on drums and percussion.

Reuben are a band from Camberley, Surrey who play a brand of music called "boom
rock". It is music that goes 'BOOM' and you go 'wowser' (hopefully). There
are three of them and they've been doing it for a couple of years now, so
you can catch them live or visit their site at You
should probably buy their ep as well. :)

The track on Snakebite City Ten: 'David's Mother' sounds like a Pixies song being played by The Queers"

"New York City has always been the best breeding ground for filthy, highly-charged rock 'n' roll. Long before the media called it punk, the likes of the Ramones, Richard Hell and the Velvet Underground were laying down the foundations for a new glut of guitar-wielding gangsters - and many years later, five-piece brat-punks The Cogs are no exception." KERRANG

"Like Veruca Salt without the embarrassing air-guitar moments, The Cogs' very cute, very girly and very American punk/pop is destined to forever provide the soundtrack, as Buffy goes about kicking some undead ass."  MELODY MAKER
 Based in North London they have rapidly built up a grass roots low key, no hype following by going out and playing live. They have an unashamedly big guitar sound, but don't be fooled as they are very much song and great tune merchants, landing somewhere in-between the Buzzcocks, the Only Ones and Thin Lizzy.

Their debut single 'pop for the girl' was released in 1998 to excellent review across the board and received over 70 plays on radio stations across the UK.  Since then the band have been giging hard in the UK and Germany building up their following

The second single the Capital letters ep was released building on the first single and taking the babd further down the road to punk rock stardom, the band spent the rest of the year continually touring (with the likes of Snuff, Less than Jake the Dammed ) before encamping to the studio  on their album, which will be released very soon on Mother Stoat Recordings.

Born- London July 2000
Distinguishing features- great hair and cheekbones, hotchpotch of musical influences-energy of Placebo and the Pixies, darkness of a circus on acid (think Tim Burton, Kurt Weil), the epic sound of Muse.
Julie- vocals, guitar, songwriter, geordie delinquent, looking foxy Used up her dole lifelines. The New Deal taught her how to be a popstar in three easy steps: 1. write songs 2. get band 3. play songs. So far so good…
Rachael- bass, vocals Blackpool Disco Dance Champion 1998, Bunny Girl 1999. After stalking Julie for 12 months she was finally allowed to join (once she had learnt an instrument). Six months later-one helluva bass player.
Nick- keyboards, guitar Man of mystery and extremes. Extrovertly shy and multi talented-' Nicolo Collinsi and his bed of knives' (age 6)-Paul Daniels BBC1. A clever so and so "I play notes that the others know little about."
Matt- drummer, ladies man After surgically removing the mullet he was allowed in the gang. Former child model, cheek bones still chiselled and ready for action.

BONETTI, live, are a catacylsmic collision of power, sweat, gusto and scary eyes. Live, they match bravado and swagger with an almost intense beauty and tightness. Live is what they do best. But until they reach a town near you (which shouldn’t be too long as they strive to convert the nation one by one) these recordings are a chance to hear a band who have songs, talent, an anthemic pop sensibility, and each other. More importantly, now they want you!

Snakebite City 10 song by ROCKETGOLDSTAR
“What Are You Singing About?”
Currently being used by SKY TV during Premier football highlights

"they should be the most talked about band of 2001" - Organart On-line
"a hyperactive lesson in pop brevity" - NME
"In a weird way it all works - Cardiff's answer to The Flaming Lips?" - NME
"RocketGoldStar have a curious, sparkling beauty about them that bypasses the hackneyed Coldplay-Muse axis" - The Big Issue

London based Pornstar are a powerful, dynamic four-piece, drawing on influences as diverse as Smashing Pumpkins, Janis Joplin, Tool and Darkstar. Collectively the band produce well-crafted songs allied with tuneful, noisy guitars and a formidable rhythm section, not forgetting a subliminal pop sensibility which has to be seen/heard to be believed. Songs of exquisite power that grab your aural attention with rasping vocals, punishing wit and driving rhythms. Their live performances have become legendary, with NME proclaiming "...a sweat-drenched show of such intensity, I thought they had physically grown in front of my eyes..."

PORNSTAR will be showcasing in June 2001 at the 7th NORTH BY NORTHEAST festival in TORONTO

"it's cowboy music for people who live in cities."

Horse Feathers come from England and America. Formed in 1998 in Birmingham and influenced by George Romero, Ennio Morricone and guitar bands. Songs vary from moody desert-like twang to Tex-Mex junk. Hasta pronto, amigos.

New Musical Express:
IMAGINE- If it is at all possible, a primetime, radio-chummy Jesus And Mary Chain waking up in a rather fine mood on a swanky summer's day. Imagine them actually enjoying the sunshine and really savouring the first toothy crunch into their corny old cornflakes, prior to going into the studio to bash out a happy tune. Imagine a world where wars were fought with, "Bah-bah-bah"s, instead of AK47s and armoured cars. This is the kitsch-tastic, surf-mungous soundtrack to such a morning, to such a world.
Melody Maker:
Sweeter, and simultaneously harder than Ash, but definitely playing darts with the same set of arrows. Honeyrider's sprig of jauntily melancholic fuzzpop betrays both their San Diego roots and their Beach Boys obsession, and this is a fine album.
 venus in furs
A sleazy mixture of fifties movie stars, sexy gangsters, punk rock & alcopops. A glitter pop, glam-fuelled rollercoaster on course to rid the world of wanky indie bands, anorak-clad noel-rockers, air brushed pop balladeurs and soft rock dinosaurs. Heavily based on True Romance (the guns, the leopard print, the pink cadillacs...) and The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle. Not just a band but a way of life. Here to infiltrate, corrupt and twist the minds of unsuspecting pop kidz via crafty tunes, cunning words and exquisite melodies - we will rock their socks off and spangle up their lives!

A dash of Monroe, a sprinkling of Dietrich, a twist of Dean, a splash of Vodka, a generous dousing of glitter and a classy cocktail umbrella. A triumph of imagination over pragmatism. Great exponents of boys in make-up ... a dash of mascara here, a smudge of eyeliner there - open up those lovely peepers! A gang of nite-club starlets out on the razzle..........

Jyoti Mishra saw David Devant and his Spirit Wife a
 liked Vessel's voice so much that he invited him to come and call.
 On his way to stay  Mikey (Vessel) wrote Going to London, a
track Jyoti then produced and progammed. The optimistic music
and darkly dusky vocal combine with a confessional lyric, provoking
 a painful response; remember the person you used to be, all the
 clubs and bars you went to? On the  surface Going to London is
happy and accessible, but beneath it is  a melancholy truth... you
made it all up. You were with us and all the other teenagers on top
of the multistorey carpark in the Carfax. The track Going To London
can be heard on and the track on Snakebite City
Ten is called "Germaine Greer". said  of Carfax recordings:
This collection is one of the most exciting musical discoveries I
have ever made. Opening track 'Germain Greer' is such an
uninhibited joy to hear that it takes all one's self control to resist
putting the stereo on repeat and glueing down the CD lid. 'I was
standing by the traffic lights on my way to meet with a lady I'd
become involved with', pure 2:04 of pure pop heaven, Jilted John
sharing a 4-track with Elvis. Next track 'Going to London' is so
outrageously catchy as to invoke brain fever. Whilst this album
 has, for whatever reasons, a lo-fi quality, the shining pop heart
beats so loud as to warrent any expensive production entirely
superfluous. In this gem you'll find magic, mystery, heartache,
 gorgeous melodies and voices of the past you can't quite place.
The centrepiece, 'Full of love' with its repeated mantra almost
overwhelms with its mix of melancholy and beguiling musical
 twists. A giddy, unsettling, wonderful album.

                  info soon....................
Fresh from selling orchids,hailing from the London jungle, fronted by ex Brazen Hussie Louise,,joined by Nicolette, Mad Dave from Glasgow  and Dave Queen.................

 "it rhymes with crepe suzette and we couldn't think of anything else. It's kind of glammy and we are all very glamorous. It says something about the music as well, how you imagine Jet Suzette to sound is how we do sound. It sounds like a girl band and we are a girl band, despite two us not being girls."