Snakebite City Nine - 22 tracks - £4.99 inc. P & P

Salena Saliva - Fake
Lunch = Regulations
Scribble - Sexual persuaders
Kilter - Spitting teeth (Geronimo mix)
The Samurai Seven - Bonnet
Holy Roman Empire - Benazir Bhutto
Nebula - Magazine Queen
Dreyfuss - Kitty Jr
Twist - She makes me
The Beatmolls - Wendy Wannabe
Action Heroes - Pornography
Vow - One last adventure before Monday
Goldfish Kiss - Dozy little fucker
Twister - This flat ain't big enough for the both of us
The Saffs - Don't want to hate you (but it's easy)
Vis the Spoon - Bastard son of John Cooper Clarke
The Flying Medallions - Holiday romance
The Duvals - Pop for the girl
Winner - Winnipig
@tomika - Dead flowers
Gertrude - Astro surfers
The Secret Hairdresser - I'm still queasing

Here's a look at some of the SC9 bands:


"While the original riot grrrls from the 90s now take their tips from Vogue, Twist have arrived to pick up the discarded grunge guitar sound ang give it a good teenage kicking...singer Emma Fox's voice is Lolitaesque above a melody that could almost be pop until it's smeared with riffs and menacing drums." Betty Clarke, THE GUARDIAN
THE  FLYING  MEDALLIONS'd actually like to live with them in a house made of cat-food jelly,earning a crust draining old men of their bile and selling it on to N.M.E. journos!

Brixton Academy Jan 15th (Supporting 'The Offspring')
 as reviewed by 'Metal Hammer':
The Medallions turn in a great set, their triple-pronged vocals like a totally punk/hardcore (ie,hip-hop-free) Beastie Boys,with an attack like a pre-dance Blaggers ITA. Currently without a Record deal thanks to the vagaries of the music business and with a great single ready to go in 'Addict' (a tender loud and fast tale of full-blown alcoholism).This band need signing and funding.They also need radio-mics as the three vocalists are lucky to avoid a nasty accident while virtually playing jump-rope with their leads throughout the set.Investigate. Virginia Black (8)
NME  review of The Samurai Seven
at London Highbury Garage
From difficult shapes to pure and simple pop, The Samurai Seven, whose singer Simon Williams is recovering from being shot in the eye with an airgun last month. An old Dr Hook cover might be a stab at irony, but there's nothing pretentious about this Oxford/Harrow quartet. Instead, they're all high kicks and power harmonies, with recent single 'Xeroxy Music' sounding like The Beach Boys playing Abba's 'Mamma Mia' in the style of The Buzzcocks.
The Samurai Seven are the punk band you can take home to Mum; the scuzzy indie stars your kid sister can pin on her bedroom wall and adore. Quite possibly perfect, in other words.
the beatmolls
They come from fairytales, outer space and rock n' roll legend de-generating punk pop music, wearing mad clothes and lavishing their fans with free confectionary. A colourful, chaotic adventure into our urban futuristic fantasy awaits, sit back relax and enjoy the bizzare world of the Beatmolls.

Twister are a cult band from the London underground circuit. They play like a modern and vitaminised version of Buzzcocks. .. not ashamed to mix quasi-glam stuff with typical bored teenager voices and unbalanced late seventies keyboard sounds.
Typically english, be warned. Luca Frazzi

Speedy, bouncy, spiky, action-packed, pop-punk epics' - Abaxis #8
'Happy & Catchy' - Buttered Midget #3
'The Undertones with more sex and less anoraks' - R*E*P*E*A*T #16