Snakebite City Eight - 23 bands - £4.99 inc p&p

Vis the Spoon - Ocean Colour Scene Can...
Aqua Vista - Dangermen
Action Spectacular - I'm a Whore
Drugstore - Hanging on Thin Air (demo)
Pala - Machine
Co-Star - On the verge
Mogul - I was starving hungry (in Tesco's)
Anorak Girl - Teenage dream
The Scrutineers - Drinking song
Agebaby - We don't care
Seafood - We felt maroon
The Beatmolls - Space cowboys
Jonas - Mr Blue Sky
Dee-Licious - Stupid boy
Kenobi - We know nothing
Torture Orchestra - Friday night is vomit night
Beaker - No Head
The Crayons - My last Rolo
Twinkie - Mondomingo
Crackout - Volume
Nimbus - Disco punk
Cherry X - Boy 4 U
Winner - Alone
Here's a look at some of the SC8 bands:

They may hail from London, but Seafood's sound owes more to American lo-fi artists such as Sonic Youth, Pavement and Sebadoh than the post-Britpop scene from which they came in 1997. All standard lo-fi elements are here: David Line's keening Lou Barlow-style vocals, Kevin Hendrick's gently strummed bass chords and Charles Macleod's alternately dry then manic guitars. There's some fine songwriting here......

Part of no scene but a world entirely of their own making, Drugstore have a vital new sound to offer. Sink into the star-drenched beauty of their midnight melancholia and discover it for yourself.

"I say hello to all the junkies
All the sinners and the creeps
Say hello to all the people in this place
I say hello to all the drunkheads,
All the prostitutes and creeps
Say hello to all the people in the world"

action spectacular
It busy times for the Spectacular. So far they've seen the release of three critically acclaimed EPs and one album, and also a hectic schedule of live dates including shows with JJ72, Doves, Elbow, Toploader, appearances at the Carling Leeds and Reading festivals, and their debut television appearance with Badly Drawn Boy on the Barfly Sessions.

...shot me to bits. Charming, eloquent, colourful- if I had my junior thesaurus I could go on forever. This is one of those picturesque pop tunes that manages to capture both optimism and decay in the same breath. Lo-fi meets 'Withnail and I'...

Steve Lamacq- Weekly Session's Record of the Week